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The Bible is a unified narrative that leads to Jesus and has profound wisdom for the modern world. This is a non-profit organization that creates creatively animated videos to understand the Bible and keep it interesting.

Christian Music - Ark Fellowship Kuwait

Christian Music

CBN Radio – Cross Country CBN Radio Player – Cross Country Radio – Where Country Meets the Cross CBN – Praise CBN Radio Player – Praise K-Love K-LOVE Radio Player CBN – Contemporary Christian CBN Radio Player – Contemporary CBN – Simply Music (Instrumental) Radio Player

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Bible Study Tools

Accessories that help to Study the Word 1. E-sword by Rick Meyers is a freeware with loads of features; Bible versions, commentaries, illustrations, dictionaries, books and so much more…. Its available on all platforms too… – Download Bestselling Digital Bibles & Study Tools! –  2. The Bible Project – The Bible is a unified narrative that Read more about Bible Study Tools[…]

Water Baptism - Why Bother

Water Baptism

What is Baptism ? If salvation is by ‘grace through Faith’ alone 1(Sola Fide), why does one have to be baptized?  What then is believer’s baptism and what is its purpose? Water baptism is clearly a demonstration and proclamation of something which already took place in the heart of a believer the moment he/she was Read more about Water Baptism[…]